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Hospi’s values represent enduring core principles that maintain a healthy corporate culture and support our contributions to our customers and stakeholders. These values are reflected in our approach to patients, providers, caregivers, employees, investors, partners, suppliers, and the community at large. The following six terms summarize our core values. All decisions and actions taken by Hospi Corporation, its employees, and its contractors should be consistent with these values:


The establishment of trust is a top priority that requires honesty, consistency, and following through on one’s word.


A deep recognition of the dignity of individuals, respect for all, humility, an appreciation of the diverse backgrounds of individuals, and acceptance that legitimate differences of opinion can co-exist in harmony.


Hospi strives to create a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere. As such, essential traits at Hospi include a sense of humor and an appreciation of the many sources of joy that exist both within and outside the business world.


Hospi Corporation, its teams, and its individuals display perseverance and discipline in achieving objectives. Hospi commits its resources after careful consideration and determining that such resource allocation is deserved, and rewards excellence in achieving company goals. This attitude permeates our approach towards our various relationships, be they employees, suppliers, or partners.


Hospi values knowledge, skill, and education, but above all the spirit to achieve them: a sense of curiosity, creativity and adventurousness that allows us to take risks coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement that drives us to learn from our mistakes.


Hospi understands the importance of balance in life. While we all face crunch times when sacrifices must be made to overcome urgent obstacles, Hospi strives to make these the exception and not the rule. Balance in our lives allows time to attend to physical, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions. It promotes health and happiness, stimulates creativity, and fosters individual growth.